Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

How important is it for you to provide benefits to your employees?


How important do you think benefits are to your employees?


Providing benefits shows the members of your team that you are invested in their and their family’s well-being.


Providing employee benefits helps you to retain key employees and attract new employees.


Employee benefits are non-salaried compensation but form a key component of your employees’ compensation package.


Employee benefits can include medical insurance, prescription coverage, paramedical providers, vision care, dental care, life insurance coverage, disability coverage, and retirement plans as well as out of country coverage.


Customize your employee benefit plans to suit your needs and those of your employees.


We have a local, specialized team that includes Meghan, our Client Liaison who has a designation in group benefits and works closely with our clients.  Our group team gives you access  to multiple group benefits providers across Canada, ensuring we get the best value and premiums.


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